Daniel Persson
Product Designer

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I’m into making discovery and creation of culture surprisingly approachable by design. I have close to ten years of experience working with digital products and visual communication for companies and organizations like TV4, Google and Spotify.

I can help you with

  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • User interviews
  • Workshop Facilitation

Tools I use a lot

  • Figma
  • Adobe CC
  • Framer X
  • Sketch


  • 2019 TV4 Media (current)
  • 2018 Zington (current)
  • 2016–2018 Ocean
  • 2016 Äventyret
  • 2015–2016 Le Bureau
  • 2015 Spotify
  • 2014–2016 Obscura Digital
  • 2014–2015 Learnways
  • 2014–2016 Ritator
  • 2010–2017 Self-employed designer


  • 2019 Design Sprint Masterclass
  • 2011–2014 BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration
  • 2008–2011 Preparatory Studies in Fine Art
  • 2005–2008 IT Graphic Design
C More app

TV, movies and sport for the whole family


I work with TV4 to continuously improve their streaming services. Some of the initiatives I worked with so far include making in-app TV as easy and convenient as good old linear TV, fun and safe experience for kids, improved content discovery, and bringing their subscription service C More to a new platform.

My responsibilities

  • UX/UI design
  • Prototyping
  • User interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Workshop facilitation

Purpose & effect

  • Attract new target users with improved TV channels in C More
  • All new C More app for Android TV. Two months after release the average rating in Google Play went up from 3 to 4.2 out of 5.
  • Retain customers longer through better content discoverability, personalization, and a safe and fun experience for kids.
Spotify app

Getting serious about smooth music discovery


Design program to improve the visual representation of playlists and strengthen the connection between the value of playlists and the Spotify brand.

My responsibilities

  • Explore visual directions
  • Visual design for playlists

Purpose & effect

  • Make music easier to discover
  • Make it easier to find the perfect music for any given situation
  • Establish a stronger connection between the brand and the value that users get from Spotify playlists
Landscape and building

Realizing non-profit paint projects


We made a funding program to help realize non-profit paint projects and decrease paint waste.

My responsibilities

  • UX/UI design
  • Visual identity design

Purpose & effect

  • Improve environments for non-profit organizations
  • Reduce paint waste
  • Emphasize the social and environmental conscious aspects of the Alcro brand


  • Le Bureau

I’ve also worked with

R&D Prototype to show ancient objects in new ways

Digital campaign to turn Christmas commerce into Christmas aid

VR experience to showcase future technology

Web platform to strengthen the relationship with retailers